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MDR Irishtown Canicross: Race Recap

Irishtown Canicross Race, June 10th, 2018

I am SO happy with how this event turned out. The morning started with a lot of rain (and mucky rain boots! haha), but luckily mother nature was on our side and had great weather planned for the race start! After all, where’s the fun without a few mud freckles, right?

Angy & Zanzi (clearly having ALL the fun)

This event offered 2 canicross races: 5K and 2K. The 5K trail starts near the parking lot, then winds down the short Bunnyhop trail, onto the wide Dragonfly trail. The route is very flat, but the fun starts once you’ve reached the John Howard trail. This is a single track wood chip trail that winds itself over more than 2K of the race route. This trail offers a lot of twists and turns with few wooden bridges along the way. This trail then continues onto the Scout trail, another fun single track trail, then finishes off at the same place as the finish line.

Obligatory group photo!

The 5K started in single waves just as a fine rainy mist started, just enough to repel the mosquitoes. This race brought forth some strong top place finishers.. First place went to Sarah Peel and Chester with a time of 17:24. The second place finish went to Kevin Leblanc (his first time running with my dog Solo) with a time of 18:15. And third place went to Lisa McParland and Panda, who came in at 20:11.

Sarah & Chester flying for the 5k finish!

Kevin & Solo close behind!

Next up was the 2K race. This race’s start and finish were located in two separate spots on the trail. It started at the single track Scout trail, then onto the Bouctouche Line where you get a beautiful glimpse of the lake, then onto the Spillway trail to the finish line. The top place finish went to Lisa McParland and Panda with a time of 7:04. Next was Carolyn Filliter in 7:17, and third place went to Gina Peppard and Chester with a time of 8:58.

Lisa & Panda

Carolyn & Neshka

Gina & Chester

The event was capped off with prizes handed out to the top 3 finishers, as well as many draw prizes for all participants. No one left empty handed. All teams left with smiles of their faces and a goodie bag for their dogs.

A lot of time and effort goes into organizing a successful race. I could not have done it all by myself.

I'd like to start with the amazing support I got from Sarah Warford (DogRunnin) and Sarah Peel who guided me (and literally told me what needed to be done) throughout this whole process. This race wouldn't have happened without you girls. Thank you.

Second, my partner in crime in Moncton, Lisa McParland, for helping me with sponsors, route planning and everything else in between.

Thank you to our awesome volunteers who helped make everything run smoothly. They were great sports to stand in mosquito-infested trails to help guide racers through the course!

Thank you to Kyle Kennedy Photography for donating his time to take truly amazing pictures of all of our participants:

THANK YOU to ALL our wicked SPONSORS. We were truly touched by all the support we got for our first race. The participants were so spoiled!!

Max Health Institute, Global Pet Foods NB, Inukshuk Professional Dog Food, Wilder Harrier, Stoakley's Professional Boarding and training center. Med-Lrg breed dogs, Pawsitive Daycare, Loopydog, Chilly Dogs Inc., See Sawyer Run.

Thank you to the City of Moncton / Ville de Moncton who were truly awesome to work with to coordinate this event. We know this is the beginning of a great partnership and we are looking forward to hosting more dog-powered sports event in our community!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who showed up yesterday, rain or shine, ready to attack the beautiful track we had planned for you. Seeing all the happy dogs and smiling faces was truly the icing on the cake.

The future of harness dog sports in the Maritimes is bright, and we can't wait to see what’s in store for this awesome sport!



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