Join the Moncton Dog Runners and learn more about harness dog sports, find your community of canine and human athletes, and create an incredible six-legged team!

Membership for 2019 is FREE!



New members are always welcome! 

Our club activities are fully insured and membership fees help us defray this cost. They also allow us to host events, socials, meet & greets, and to purchase things like loaner gear, so new members can try different sports without the pressure of purchasing right away! Your club membership also includes membership with our regional (MAHDS) and national (CAHDS) associations - helping support the growth and development of harness dog sports throughout the maritimes and Canada! 

TRIAL RUN: Don't forget, you can always join us for a trial run to see what harness dog sports are all about before you commit! We have loaner gear you can try on your dog if you like as well! Our members are very welcoming and will sometimes lend out gentle, bomb-proof dogs and gear for you to try if you want to start by simply meeting the group and getting a handle on how things work! Just send us a message and we’ll send you the info!  

Keep an eye out for harness dog sport clinics beginning in February 2020!

We can't wait to meet you & your canine training partner!



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