Join the Moncton Dog Runners and learn more about harness dog sports, find your community of canine and human athletes, and create an incredible six-legged team!


If you are ready to get started, we are ready to help!

We are 100% committed to setting each new team up for success - and you’ll find our process for introducing you and your dog to these sports reflects this ethos every step if the way.

To help us facilitate an introductory lesson that meets the needs of you and your dog(s) and addresses your goals as a team, please complete the steps below. You'll receive an email from us within a few days of completing Steps 1 & 2 to facilitate scheduling your session.

Step 1

Complete the Intake Form & pay your $35 session fee using these links:



Step 2

Book your session time. 

While we'll work with you one-on-one, we'll likely invite you to a club run so you can see how it all works.

Step 3

Make sure you've got the right gear.

Unsure about sizing or what to get? We can help with this. Our club has some loaner gear you can borrow and we can help measure your dog for the appropriate sizing.

Step 4

Complete your intro session and start joining in with club activities!

Once you've completed your intro session you are welcome to participate in any and all club activities. We'll invite you to our private Facebook group so you can stay informed on our activities.


Our club activities are fully insured and membership fees help us defray this cost. They also allow us to host events, socials, meet & greets, and to purchase things like loaner gear, so new members can try different sports without the pressure of purchasing right away! Your club membership also includes membership with our regional (MAHDS) and national (CAHDS) associations - helping support the growth and development of harness dog sports throughout the maritimes and Canada! 

Intro Membership

Your Intro Membership Includes:

>>MAHDS Membership (various discounts & perks listed on MAHDS membership)

>>CAHDS Membership

>>MDR Membership

>>Intro Session


Annual Renewal

Your Annual Renewal Includes:

>>MAHDS Membership (various discounts & perks listed on MAHDS membership)

>>CAHDS Membership

>>MDR Membership


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