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We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes who love being active with our dogs. Harness dog sports give us an opportunity to create an incredible and long-lasting bond with our dogs. The opportunity to work together and accomplish something as a six-legged team is priceless, so we hope to share it with you! Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for human and canine athletes of all levels and abilities to learn about and enjoy the wonderful world of harness dog sports. Whether you’re looking to get started or have been involved in harness dog sports for years, find your community and reach your potential with our team!




This is the sport of cross country or trail running with your dog. It is an evolution of mushing and while typically a dryland sport, it can also be done on snow (usually on hard packed snowshoe or fatbike trails). Canicross is a 1-dog sport and is a great way to safely introduce your dog to harness dog sports! 

Gear Required: Trail running shoes, pulling harness, hands-free leash or waist-belt and bungee line of no more than 2m (6.5ft).


Bikejoring is the sport of dog-powered mountain biking. It is an evolution of mushing adapted for dryland, but has also adapted to become a winter sport with the advent of fat bikes designed for winter trail terrain.  


Bikejoring can be a 1 or 2-dog sport, though only 1-dog bikejoring is considered for MAHDS regional circuit competition purposes in 2019. 

Gear Required: Mountain bike, helmet, pulling harness, bungee line of no more than 2.45m (8ft) without tension, neck line if running 2 dogs, & bike attachment. Safety glasses are highly recommended. 


Skijoring is the dog-powered sport of skate skiing. It is a 1 or 2 dog sport both recreationally and competitively. It is a complex sport that requires mastery over both basic harness dog sport skills and ski techniques.

Gear Required: skate skis, poles, boots, bindings, helmet, etc.; pulling harness, neck line if running 2 dogs, hands-free waist-belt & bungee line of no more than 3m (9.8ft). 


Kicksledding is a 1 or 2 dog-powered sport that requires the human athlete to kick while the dog pulls. It requires balance and physical exertion. Care must be taken in selecting the appropriate sled for your goals and your dog(s)' ability and size.


Gear Required: Kicksled, pulling harness(es), bungee line of no more than 2.45m (8ft), neckline if running more than 1 dog, brake, snow hook, & helmet.

Kicksleds: Pictured here is the Togo Mini designed for 1-2 dogs


Scooter is 1 or 2-dog dryland harness dog sport that involves the use of a scooter specifically designed for dogs to pull and requires the human athlete to kick and steer. 

Gear Required: Scooter designed for use with dogs, pulling harness(es), bungee line of no more than 2.45m (8ft), neck line if running 2 dogs, & helmet. 

Scooters: Pictured here is the Bulla Scooter

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