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Join the Moncton Dog Runners and learn more about harness dog sports, find your community of canine and human athletes, and create an incredible six-legged team!

Membership for 2019 is FREE!



New members are always welcome! When you first join the group, we ask that you arrive a little early to complete a short welcome session (typically 15-20 minutes) so we can ensure the safety of our current club members and make sure new teams know the ropes well enough to have a safe & fun experience with us!

There is no membership fee for 2019. 

If you have no prior experience with harness dog sports, we do charge a $20 fee for a mandatory introductory session. This session does not constitute a "full" introduction to harness dog sports, but will provide a quick overview of the basics.

If you have some experience on your own, but have never completed a training course, a quick session can also be a great opportunity for a quick refresher!

Keep an eye out for harness dog sport clinics beginning in Spring 2019!

We can't wait to meet you & your canine training partner!



New & returning members all register via the same platform. When you register, you'll create a Race Roster account (free) and receive a membership number that you can then use to get discounts on events and races hosted by Moncton Dog Runners where available!

Your registration is valid from January 1-December 31 of the calendar year indicated on Race Roster & should be renewed each year. 



The Moncton Dog Runners are a proud affiliate of the Maritime Association of Harness Dog Sports. If you would like to help support the growth & development of harness dog sports in the maritimes or are interested in racing recreationally or competitively, we highly recommend purchasing a MAHDS membership. MAHDS memberships are also provided via the Race Roster platform, so you will simply sign in to your RR account to purchase your membership and you will receive a membership number that you can use to obtain discounts on all eligible MAHDS events!

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